What are pre-nuptial agreements and what can they be used to protect?

A pre-nuptial agreement is a contract that you and your fiancé agree to enter into before you marry to set out what would happen to your property and financial affairs if you were to divorce at a future point

A post-nuptial agreement is similar to a pre-nuptial agreement save that you and your spouse enter into the agreement once your marriage has taken place

Pre and post civil registration documentation are the equivalent documents available to civil partners

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Pre-and Post nuptial agreements can be used to regulate the following:

  • Ownership of assets/property acquired pre/post marriage in one person’s sole name
  • Ownership of assets/property in joint names
  • Ring fencing any pre-marital contributions/trust related assets/business interests
  • How inheritances/gifts are to be treated
  • Whether any maintenance will be paid by one party upon marital breakdown and, if so, how long and how will that be negotiated
  • How will the interests of minor dependant children be met
  • Will pensions be shared/nomination of death in service benefits
  • Entitlement to cash savings/policies/other assets
  • Cars/valuable items/contents
  • How will debts be treated
  • What will happen on the death of either party
  • When will the terms of the agreement be reviewed

The above is not an exhaustive list – agreements can be tailor made to suit your individual circumstances. Contact us for more information.